Spring Clean Your Routine!

Is Your Hair Care Routine Stuck In A Rut? Help is at Hand From Coco Hair Salon in Eastbourne

When it comes to Spring Cleaning your hair care, Mrs Hinch has nothing on the experts at Coco Hair Salon in Eastbourne!

Our hairdressing specialists have got all the home hair care advice you need to look fab this Spring!  Follow the tips in the article, then book an appointment for a spring hairstyle transformation by calling us on 01323 471147.

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Spring Clean Your Hair Products

MALIBU COCOMost of us are guilty of holding onto a stash of half used hair and beauty products, but did you know that they have expiry dates?!

It’s important to check the expiry dates on the side of your hair products, and ditch those which are out of date. Out of date products won’t perform as well as they should, they could become lumpy and can even cause irritation. Hair sprays and other spray products are less likely to deteriorate and become contaminated, but it’s important to keep an eye on all cream or liquid based products in tubs and bottles.

If you have any products that are unwanted and unopened, a local charity may be happy to receive it.

Now that you've got space, it's the ideal opportunity to restock with fresh supplies of your favourite hair care products via our online shop, or to find new ones. If you need advice or inspiration, pop into our Eastbourne salon and we'll be happy to help!


Clean Your Brushes and Styling Tools

Spring Clean Styling Tools DryerWe all know that dirty make-up brushes can harbour bacteria and play havoc with our skin, did you know the same goes for your hairbrushes? Hair, dead skin cells, products and oil can all build up in the bristles of your brushes, creating the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. 

Remove built-up hair every week and use a deep-cleansing shampoo regularly to get your brushes nice and clean. If you use a wooden or paddle brush, check your manufacturers guidelines before washing, as water can get trapped inside the brush and may result in the wooden finish getting spoilt. A quick swish of hot water should be sufficient to keep it clean.

Electrical styling tools such as curlers, straighteners or wands can suffer from the same build up of products, grease and germs as your hairbrushes. A damp soft cloth or baby wipe should be sufficient to clean the styling plates, never use a scourer to remove dirt as this will damage the plates. 

Don't forget your hairdryer filter, which can get filled with dust and dirt. You should be able to remove the filter, then simply wipe with a warm, damp cloth to remove the dust, lint and other build up, then dry thoroughly.

Use The Perfect Hair Products For The Season

Aftersun for Hair, Coco Hair Salon in EastbourneMost of us know that we should adapt our skin care as the seasons change, adding SPF or a hydrating moisturiser as necessary, but do you adapt your hair care routine in the same way?

As the weather brightens up, your hair colour may start to fade in the sun, or become dry and prone to breaking, we would recommend that you protect it from the UV rays with an SPF spray. Dry, stressed hair would also benefit from a conditioning treatment at Coco Hair salon. You may also find that your scalp and hair can become greasy in hot, humid weather so you may need to adjust your shampoo products.

If you aren't sure which seasonal hair care products would be best for you, speak to your Coco Hair stylist and we'll be happy to advise you. 


Book An Appointment at Coco Hair Salon in Eastbourne

A really good cut or brand new colour from a Coco Hair expert is the perfect treat to prepare for the warmer months ahead. Call us now on 01323 471147 or book your appointment online here

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