Hair Colour Correction

Correcting Hair Colour Problems at Coco Hair Salon in Eastbourne 

Hair Colour Correction at Coco hair salon in Eastbourne

hair colour correction at Coco hair salon in EastbourneIf you've had a home-dye hair colour disaster, or changed your mind about a colour you’ve had applied, help is at hand.  We are experts at hair colour correction and colour transformations at our salon in Eastbourne. As highly trained hair colour technicians, the team at Coco Hair fully understand how colour will react with your hair and we have the knowledge and skill to restore your hair colour and condition.


We are a colour responsible salon - please read our colour safe policy here


Seek professional advice as soon as possible by calling Coco Hair on 01323 471147. Please note: A skin test is required 48 hours before any colour service. 

Common Hair Colour Problems

hair colour correction at Coco hair salon in EastbourneWe can cleanse blonde hair that has green, brassy yellow or pink tinges. We can match your roots to the rest of your hair colour. We can lift flat, dark hair colour to make it vibrant once more.  Just book in ASAP for a colour correction consultation.

Colour Changes & Transformations 

hair colour correction at Coco hair salon in EastbourneIf you want to change the colour of your hair, applying a new shade is unlikely to produce the results you are after.  You may need to colour cleanse to ensure the new colour will take correctly.  Book a complimentary consultation and we can assess and advise.

Caring For Your Hair

Over-processed hair can become frizzy, dry and brittle.  The condition of your hair is our number one priority so talk to us about what we can do to help care for your hair. Hair smoothing is a brilliant way to reduce the frizz. Click here for more info.

Hair Colour Correction Frequently Asked Questions

We deal with hair colour problems every day in our Eastbourne hair salon and the same questions crop up time and again. Below, we try to answer some of the most common queries we hear from our clients. 

This has got to be the most common hair dye disaster question and the simple answer is “NO!”. Applying a new hair colour over the old one will not fix the issue and could actually make the problem worse. Speak to the hair colour experts at Coco Hair Salon in Eastbourne who will be able to help you.
If your hair has a build up of colourant, has been damaged by the sun or over washing, or has a large amount of root regrowth then it will look unhealthy. These conditions can affect different sections and strands of the hair, leaving it looking faded, dry and dull. Let our hair colour specialists analyse your hair during a consultation to decide the exact mix of tones and shades required to balance and restore your beautiful hair colour.
We would never recommend bleaching your hair at home, it is so easy to cause damage to your hair if not done professionally. Over processing or inexpertly bleaching your hair can cause your hair become extremely dry which will lead to your hair splitting and breaking.  We use the best hair colour products from Sens.Us and know exactly what to do and which products to use to remove unwanted colour, balance your the condition of your hair and restore hair colour. We would also recommend using one of our in-salon hair treatments such as our Urgent Repair Treatment. 
The hair colour correction process could take weeks or perhaps even months, it really depends on the damage that has been done and the end result that you desire. This is why your consultation with our expert stylists is so important, we can assess the damage and give you a realistic expectation of your colour correction process based on what we see and discuss. 
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